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Welcome to Knepler Driving Schools

Over 67 Years in Business

Chase Driving School is now part of Knepler Driving Schools.

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Knepler Driving Schools: 203-268-6040

Chase Driving Schools: (203) 254-1238


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Chase Driving School has joined the KneplerDrivingSchools.Com family. Let us show you how we do it with the time tested quality oriented Knepler Effect. Knepler Driving Schools has been setting the driver education standards in quality and excellence for the past 77 years. Howard Knepler is the third generation leading Knepler Driving Schools. We are the only third generation driving school in Connecticut with specialties in novice driver education, special needs driver education, driver rehab and diagnostic driving evaluations as well as individual, corporate and emergency driver driving improvement programs. Chase has stepped up to a totally new and exemplary status which many try to copy but never duplicate. 

When you’re considering which driving school to choose for your child, here’s some critical things to consider…

Experience, Knepler Driving School has purchased Chase Driving School which is one of the oldest driving schools in Fairfield, CT.

This level of hands-on care and concern cannot be matched by any other driving schools approach to driver’s ed. Our singular focus allows us to raise the bar, rather than just focusing on just passing the driver’s test, our students are taught and to master the various defensive driving skills. When you compare your options, ask yourself one question, “which driving school puts the student’s needs first?” Answer that question, and you’ll know where to send your child for their driver education. KneplerDrivingSchools.Com

Debbie Abate the former owner of Chase Driving School, is now working with Knepler Driving Schools and will be servicing the Fairfield office at 63 Unquowa Rd, Fairfield, CT.

Knepler Driving School - OUR MISSION​

The purpose of Knepler Driving Schools is to provide the MAXIMUM in driver and highway safety through exemplary driver and highway safety education. Knepler Driving Schools is dedicated to providing the best learning experience for achieving and/or maintaining quality of life and independence of safe, defensive and creative knowledgeable driving.

All instructors are licensed by the State of CT. Our instructors have had extensive comprehensive training and back ground checks.

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PLEASE NOTE: Permit is not required to sign up for the course, but you must be at least 16 years of age.

Irene Spanoudaki

Five Stars

Just passed my driving test 🙌 thanks to Knepler Driving Schools !!

Really impressed! I was lucky enough to have Howard as my instructor, he was so pleasant, patient and knowledgeable about all things driving, cars, tips & tricks to park.

Loved our chats on our drives and feel much more confident and competent as a driver thanks to his guidance.

Would definitely recommend learning with

Knepler Driving Schools!

A big thank you 😊

Jackie Vega

Five Stars

Thanks Knepler Driving School for your expertise, you teach well and the staff was awesome. The classes
that you taught was clear understanding that prepared my son for his driving test. Is great that you have the mandatory son/Daughter parenting, in how alcohol and driving on the influence, how Serious it could be on the road, you helped my son to become a safe driver. His ready for college and is been an honor for your assistance.

Thanks again Family Vega

Leon Mackie

Five Stars

Positive: Professionalism

Howard Knepler help me pass my driving test with flying colors. While I took my driving practices he made sure I felt comfortable behind the wheel and he always has something to talk about to keep you calm while driving. I took my practices over the weekend and then took my road test the following week and passed with no problems, his teachings are fun, entertaining, and educational at the same time, I definitely recommend taking his classes.

Lisa Korn

Five Stars

Gary Knepler did a driving evaluation test on my 86 year old mother. Although she did not pass the psych neurological test Gary was the most patient, friendly, funny at times, warm hearted and professional person to do this job. I cannot say enough positive things about how he goes about this process. He made my mother feel comfortable and at ease during the test. He explains everything to you as he goes through the test and never rushes you. He truly has patience of a saint. We were extremely pleased with everything. Thank you Gary!

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