All license tests are administered monthly at the driving school by trained DMV inspectors.

If the student signs up for the test and has not had his or her permit for 120 days or more, the student will not receive a refund for any of the testing fees. It is also important that the student completes all 8-road hours and all 15-classroom sessions by the day that he or she takes the test or they forfeit testing fees.

If you have road hours scheduled, and you miss or want to re-schedule them within a month of your test, there is no guarantee that there will be road hours available to fulfill the 8-hour requirement due to advanced booking. Therefore you will have to forfeit your money and you will not be allowed to take the test.

The Driving Test consists of an 8:00am session a 9:30 session and a 11:00 a.m session. Each test is limited to 18 applicants and spots are given on a first come first serve basis. Therefore, students are encouraged to sign up for the test immediately following the announcement of the test date. When signing up for a license test, you are making a reservation for that date, therefore if you need to cancel you will not recieve a refund. 

Materials to qualify for driving license test:

Social Security# , Permit, Check, Venmo or cash for $125.00 (this is the fee for using the Chase Driving School facilities and vehicle for the test and is subject to change) If the student did not take the full 30 hour course at Chase, then the fee is $150.

NOTE:On the day of the test you need to bring your permit and a mask.  When passing the test the student will then be able to drive that day for 30 days after, with the pink copy that the inspector stamped, and their permit. The agent will provide students with an attached flyer which will instruct the students to go to DMV website and pay for their License. The flyer also instructs the student to wait 24 hours before they can apply for their license. The fee for the license is $84.00